Thursday, August 22, 2019

ハンディクラフトワークス (Handicraft Works in Yashio, Saitama)



We've got a meat situation here!

But first, we need to get here. Handicraft Works is about an hour out into Saitama, followed by a good 15 to 20 minute walk.

Churrasco takes center-stage here. Various tasty cuts are used as toppings for your ramen. This is really more of a "you want some noodles with that meat"?

Oh man, this one is good. Expect some Iberico pork, Japanese pork, beef, and sausage.

But am I in love with the noodles or the meat? Does it matter?

This is mazesoba, soupless ramen that could be considered the third form of Japanese ramen after tsukemen. Foodies have universally accepted that mazesoba can be whatever you want it to be. Top those noodles with flavor, and if it tastes good the fans will react.

I went with a friend, and we ordered the Wild Beef version as well as the Volcano version. Their menu changes slightly on a regular basis, so just check what is going on when you arrive. The Volcano was topped with some grilled pineapple and a spicy sauce.

The noodles, and I assure you that they exist somewhere under that pile of meat, are handmade in house.

Funashi, the famous Chiba mascot, approves of this one.

A splash of fruity vinegar makes for an excellent condiment.