Thursday, August 29, 2019

麺GARAGE 肉ヲ見ル (Men Garage Niku wo Miru in Sangenjaya, Tokyo)

麺GARAGE 肉ヲ見ル

More churrasco ramen?!?!

You bet. More churrasco ramen at a shop called Niku wo Miru. Literally, see the meat.

Choose ramen or tsukemen. Then watch (見る) as they slice roast pork, beef rump, beef butt, roast chicken, and Brazilian sausage on that bad boy.

Charcoal-grilled for a beautiful burn on the outside, with a juicy center.

No need for an explanation.

The soup is a rich tonkotsu gyokai. A great match with the toppings. Fair warning, you'll be done after this shop. Maybe you can get a drink at nearby craft beer bar Pigalle, but you might just want to head home for a nap. 

Thanks boss!

FYI, if you aren't a noodle lover, you can opt for plates of meat sans-carbs.

The homemade noodles are excellent, though.

Another solid spot in Sangenjaya. This area is set to become hipster central, as Sophia (or was it Temple) University will take up residence here soon. There are already craft tacos, incredible Indian, and plenty of ramen shops around.

A little Japanese underground knowledge for you. The number 29 can be read as niku, which is the same word for meat. So on the 29th of many months, meat-centric shops give you something special. Here, it's some charcoal roasted smoked chicken topping free of charge. Solid!