Monday, August 26, 2019

ふくみみ (Fukumimi in Fuchu, Tokyo)

中華そば ふくみみ

Are you obsessed with these old school ramen spots? Most rural neighborhoods have a handful of them. Affordable stuff for the locals.

At 650 yen, the price was right.

Fukumimi opened in 2003, but it feels like something out of the 50s. A gang of local high school students made the line deceptively long. For an extra 100 yen, they were all going with extra noodles. It's a trope at ramen shops in Japan; high schoolers love the big bowls.

A blend of bone broth and fish broth. Homemade noodles. Classic.

This shop is a major contender for a must-slurp bowl during the 2019 rugby world cup. The Tokyo stadium isn't central Tokyo at all. Fuchu lies a good 30 minutes west of the sights you know. Even though that is the case, I hope this rather inconvenient location means people check out less visited ramen shops, temples, and museums on Tokyo's west side. Enjoy the games!