Thursday, August 1, 2019

Bonito Soup Noodle RAIK Fugu Ramen

Bonito Soup Noodle RAIK

Fugu, the deadliest of fish. A single drop of poison from the pufferfish will send you into anaphylactic shock. Every year people die from this assassin of the sea.

ふぐの潮そば. Fugu salt ramen. Let's do this.

Around 120kg of fugu bones for this pot of soup. A thin slice of fugu sashimi and a special fugu shirako sauce added to the fugu-ness. Shirako is the sperm sack of certain fish, and it is a delicacy in Japan. Fugu shirako especially; it is something you only find for a month or two a year.

This was a special New Years ramen from RAIK. The shop is focused on fish ramen, so a limited bowl using an unusual ingredient is to be expected.

Great stuff. Kissed with yuzu. I'd try it again if I could, but I can't.

Keep an eye on their Instagram for the latest news on their limited bowls.