Monday, July 22, 2019

麦苗X清乃 (1-Day Collaboration Ramen from Muginae and Seino)

麦苗 X 清乃

Two of the top Japanese shops. One collaboration. Yes, please.

Seino is consistently ranked number one in Japan. Muginae is consistently ranked number one in Japan. To have these two shops collab for a single bowl or ramen is special indeed. Wakayama meets Tokyo. For one afternoon only.

The list of ingredients is deep. You ready?

Tokyo gamecock. Local chicken from Kinokuni (紀の国地鶏) and Yamagata (山形地鶏). Wakayama area duck (紀州鴨).  Konbu from Rausu (羅臼昆布) in Hokkaido. Kagoshima bonito. Wheat from both Hokkaido and Kagawa. Wild boar from Wakayama. Tokyo X pork. Daikon (both red and white) from Wakayama. Eggs from Arida in Wakayama.

Yeah, this one was something special.

I love how they served the meat alongside the ramen, keeping the bowl devoid of any color but savory-brown.

Yeah, one of the best bowls I've ever had, but this level of luxury comes at a price. At 1800 yen, this one wasn't cheap. I'm sure they weren't turning a large profit either.

Muginae prides themselves on their fresh fish rice bowls, so of course, a special one was on offer. Wakayama しらす whitebait and salmon eggs. 

At the end of the calendar year, ramen shops do a lot of limited bowls and collabs. If you are lucky enough to be here at that time, so a little research and find out who is doing what. You'll be in for a treat.

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