Thursday, July 18, 2019

護摩龍 (Gomaryu Hell Ramen in Gotanda)

地獄の担担麺 護摩龍 五反田

Welcome to spice hell!

Just grab a spoon out of the last customer's leftover skull.

This tantanmen is no joke, though the laughing skulls on top of the ticket machine might think the whole ordeal is hilarious.


Hell-style tantanmen.

I think I got to level 3. To be honest, my tolerance for heat isn't so great. I'm strictly middle of the road. Keep anything above a jalapeno away from my sensitive mouth.

That said, this was in no way a medium level of spice. Every bite burned. But I tolerated it, and though the next day wasn't one I want to remember, the rest of the present day was kissed by the tinge of a capsacium high.

Be sure to temper the leftover soup with some white rice. The natural creaminess of it mellows the fire a touch.

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