Thursday, July 25, 2019

ソラノイロ年末限定 (End of the Year Ramen at Soranoiro)


Merry Christmas 2018!

Yes, this statement shows that Ramen Adventures' posts are quite far behind. With this particular post scheduled to go live on July 25th, 2019, that is almost a full seven months.

Shoganai, as this site is only updated twice a week, things are bound to get backed up.

At the end of the year in Japan, many businesses expectedly close for the holidays. Ramen shops often do the opposite, taking the time to create limited edition bowls for those left with few options for dining in Japan.

Soranoiro chose to greet the cold months with Okinawan sokisoba. Feels like paradise!

Sokisoba is ramen from Okinawa. I shouldn't say "ramen," as the locals specifically avoid that word when referring to their regional noodle dish. Sokisoba is more of an udon. Maybe. It's tough to compare it with any other noodle dishes in Japan.

To see the real deal, check my post from the source.

Clear, fishy soup topped with a slab of bone-in pork. The word ソーキ, soki, is a name for this piece of pork spare rib. It's stewed in a soy sauce mix for hours until tender. A stark contrast to the light broth. Typical of sokisoba, the noodles are quite flat.

Be sure to go sparingly on the hot sauce. 島とがらし like this is made by filling a bottle with high-impact chili peppers and 70 proof local grain alcohol called awamori. The alcohol is, well, alcohol, and a shot of the stuff is, well, a shot of the stuff.