Thursday, June 13, 2019

Sakanoue Unique in Kagoshima

Sakanoue Unique

Kagoshima Prefecture is quite massive. Personally, I feel like I've explored my fair share, but when I pull up a map of the place, I realize that isn't the case. And as is the case with most large landmasses, we set our sights on the extremes. The island of Yakushima. The active volcano Sakurajima. Ibuski. The Shibushi Bay.

But some great finds are just a few stations from downtown Kagoshima.

Sakanoue Unique is about 30 minutes by train from central Kagoshima by train. How did I find this gem? To be honest . . . Tinder. Years ago I matched with someone from the area. We never had a chance to meet, but she (I'm assuming her gender wasn't a ruse) told me about this ramen shop in her area. Score (and no score).

The menu has a few choices, but the light chicken ramen seemed the way to go. Not necessarily unique, but solid.

Light and refreshing and kissed with a bit of yuzu citrus. Exceptional slurps.

The menu has a tonkotsu, chukasoba, and sanra style as well. Out here in the sticks, you need a variety. Regulars are common here. I was probably the only one who rolled in unannounced.

Third place in a local ramen contest some years back.

I've long since deleted my Tinder account, but I'm glad I got something good out of it on this particular Kagoshima adventure.