Thursday, June 20, 2019

海老丸らーめん (Ebimaru Ramen in Jimbocho)


Lobster ramen? I'm in!

Topped with an entire lobster? I'm intrigued.

Well, I didn't go with the full deal, opting for their more "normal" ramen instead. The lobster ramen topped with a lobster comes in at 2500 yen. Not outrageous, but it looked like a bit of a gimmick. Sure enough, the only people ordering this menu item were the overseas guests from China. The normal bowl is good enough for Instagram, and at 850 yen, not a bad deal.

Ebimaru seeks to create French bisque-inspired ramen. Apart from the lobster, brandy and a bunch of vegetables make this one rich broth. It's decadent and I approve. Maybe the full lobster version isn't a gimmick after all.

Limited bowls from the past are drawn on the walls. Number 12, a soupless lobster tantanmen is right up my alley. I have a love-hate relationship with tasty limited bowls. On one hand, I'm out there hunting out new shops and don't have time to return to old shops often. On the other hand . . . lobster tantanmen.

It looks like they teamed up with Yatagarasu, one of my all-time favorite Tokyo shops for a limited bowl last year. Or was it two years ago. Although I follow many of these shops on Instagram, it can be hard to keep up.

Official site here.