Monday, May 6, 2019

麺処 以心 (Ishin in Shinjuku)

麺処 以心

A quick FYI, since I came here and the time this post went live, Ishin has shut down. The competition was just too high in the area. Too bad, especially since I really enjoyed this one. I even made a video!

Ishin seemed inspired by the incredible Mengyo, out on the east side of town. Here, in the heart of Kabukicho, this style of ramen was a welcome addition.

I hate using the past tense in my reviews. Ramen Adventures posts twice a week, which means that my pace of ramen eating turned this site into a huge #throwback. If you read my recent posts from Europe, which went up in April 2019, you might have thought I was out traveling. Actually, that trip was in September 2018.

So, though I crushed it, it will never be crushed again.

Well, you can always trek out to Mengyo.