Monday, May 20, 2019

E.A.K. in New York


I didn't plan on crushing any ie-kei ramen on this trip to NYC, but we got involved with some good sake at Sake Bar Decibel, and EAK wasn't far away.

Ramen x Beer. Yes! And no. Personally, I don't drink at ramen shops. I'm in the mindset that ramen shops are a get-in-get-out affair, and nursing a beer isn't in line with that mentality. But that neon sign is sweet.

Will this shop make my best-of NYC list?

EAK, spelled out, is pronounced 家系. Iekei ramen hails from Yokohama, originating at the infamous Yoshimuraya. It's Japan's eastern-style tonkotsu ramen, and it is intense. While Kyushu style tonkotsu is thick, this stuff is much, much thicker. The thick soup is matched with thicker noodles, topped with a trifecta of green spinach, nori seaweed, and negi green onion. The chashu is divine.

So what about this New York 家系 shop?

Props for their design, the shop is full of fun tidbits.

But first, ramen.

This one is awesome, and I would have never thought it. Iekei is a rather dirty style, full of fat and flavor, garlic and a touch of greens. As long as the funky doesn't get too funky, you've got a winner.

If I was giving out awards, this would be a late night bowl to keep in your back pocket.

Well slurped.