Thursday, April 4, 2019

Mochi Ramen Bar in Vienna, Austria

Mochi Ramen Bar

Mochi Ramen Bar came recommended by a few people, so when I visited Vienna I had to give it a try.

The menu is all over the place, with shio, shoyu, and miso all represented. The tonkotsu ramen sounded like something I should try, though in hindsight I should have read the ingredients list. I assumed normal tonkotsu.

Never assume, even when you are in Japan. Foreigners tend to love miso ramen with corn and butter toppings, something you rarely see in Japan. When you do see it it is probably being slurped by some children. Corn in ramen, to me, is something for white people who probably grew up farming the stuff.

Feel free to have some sake with your noodles.

The addition of corn and sweet pickled daikon was something I would have avoided if I had known. The sweetness (of both yellow things) just doesn't match with creamy pork soup. It's too much, and you lose the most important part, the soup. To add insult to injury, the soup was at a less than ideal temperature. 

Fun spot, but the ramen was a bit underwhelming. Barely warm broth and the addition of mismatched toppings were a bummer.