Monday, April 1, 2019

Karma Ramen in Vienna, Austria

Karma Ramen

Karma Ramen was opened by a friend of mine in Vienna, Austria a few years back. 

Ramen is international but still underrepresented as a cuisine. Makes things easy on my end when I'm in a far away country.

Karma uses as many local ingredients as possible. Local flour for the homemade noodles is a must.

I didn't take photos of all the ones I tried, but this spicy bowl was my favorite. Hit with a bit of heat and a bit of yuzu aroma, it hit all the marks for me. The Lotus root is heavily pickled, something totally new for me. A heavy crunch. Tender chicken. Slick noodles. This bowl hits all the senses.

Be sure to check out the bathroom. A Japanese manga artist penned an original comic strip that runs along the walls.

Who will win in the epic showdown of motorcycle-girl versus umami-beast? Both the men and women's toilets have a different ending!

The people behind Karma also run Cockpit-Bar next door. It's a local-style bar with a bit of a custom motorcycle vibe going on. No a bad place to hang.

FYI, if you are looking for a place to stay, there is a solid Airbnb spot in the same building as Karma and this bar.