Thursday, March 7, 2019

人類みな麺類 (Jinrui in Osaka)


I missed my train back to Tokyo for this one. Ramen over reserved seating on the bullet train any day.

The line on a Sunday evening was about an hour. Normal for famous shops.

原点 (genten), micro, and macro. All are 800 yen. The genten is their original recipe, shoyu a little on the sweet side made with dried bonito fish. Micro is a straight soy version. Macro uses shellfish to add deeper flavors.

I had to try the genten. It's the one that made them famous.

Both the pork and the menma are bonkers here. Thick cut (both). Homemade (both). Incredible (both).

I'm always surprised at how amazing ramen in Osaka is. Sure, they don't have the sheer number of shops that Tokyo has, but the stellar shops really shine.

That pork. Worth the wait for this alone.

Human beings everybody noodles.

This shop is part of the UNCHI group, who run seven shops, all with equally mysterious English names. A couple winners:
  • The old man's best swing - くそオヤジ最後のひとふり
  • The most deserted ramen bar in the world - 世界一暇なラーメン屋
  • The soul of Japan - 担担麺の掟を破る者
  • Ramen and Beer
Definitely on the list.

And a random note about train tickets in Japan. If you have reserved seats, but miss your train, you can still ride in the unreserved car on another train later in the day. So though I missed my window seat back to Tokyo, getting home was no problem. Actually, I miss a lot of trains due to ramen.