Thursday, February 28, 2019

SHIBIRE NOODLE 蝋燭屋 (Rosokuya in Ginza)


One of the recent trends in ramen is spicy. Not just some hot chili powder, but full on Sichuan ma-ra style heat and numbing spices.

Shibire in Ginza brings the spice.

As with most of these shops, you can choose your level of heat. High is a bad idea for your first time. After all, you really have no idea what the master is thinking. Go normal. If the ramen is good, but the spice isn't high enough, just come back. Simple!

The mabo ramen, topped with a fiery mabodofu, kicked my ass. Normal levels of heat were fine, but the amount of sansho was intense. Numbing spices that play an intricate role in this spicy dish. The numbing aspect of this pepper-like spice counteracts the heat, letting you take in massive amounts. Some people say it is healthy to consume large amounts of the stuff.

Additional sansho oil is out on the counter, and the ticket machine has a special button for choosing extra high levels of spice. Madness!

Blame this guy if you can't hang.

Located right in the middle of Ginza, so expect a bit of a line. Nothing crazy, but you will probably wait a bit.