Monday, February 11, 2019

ニューホームラン (New Home Run in Asahikawa, Hokkaido)


Over the years, I've hit up most of the best ramen spots in Asahikawa. Now that the dozen or so famous shops are down, I need to venture further and further from the city center.

Hokkaido is vast, and those without their own mode of transportation are going to have a tough time. My motorcycle brought me out to New Home Run.

As opposed to old home run. Actually, this shop used to be called Home Run. As you can see from their former menu, still proudly on display, they served a full array of shokudo-style meals. Ramen, udon, curry, and rice dishes. Don't forget the ice cream.

As the grandma in the kitchen aged, the menu shrunk. Now New Home Run is all about the ramen.

Rich Hokkaido miso. Good stuff, and I'm sure the locals just love it.

I crushed the noodles but left a bit of the moyashi bean sprouts and soup in the bowl. As I was working on completely finishing it, someone started smoking next to me, quickly ending my enjoyment. When I got up to pay, the grandma looked at my un-crushed bowl and asked if it was ok. Did I find it to  my liking?

I hope she didn't take offense. I usually get the noodles out of the way, then relax with the soup for a spell, but cigarette smoke doesn't match with my noodles.