Thursday, February 14, 2019

夢玄 (Mugen in Hokkaido)


Ran into this random spot on a recent ramen road trip across Hokkaido. Mugen is outside of Sapporo in some nondescript town with a very straight road and not much else. I won't lie, the flat plains of central Hokkaido are a wasteland. Head to the mountains or head to the sea.

Mugen's menu is large. Shoyu, shio, and miso are the norm at countryside ramen shops up north, and Mugen has those. Their recommended slurp is the spicy miso.

当店1番人気 = This shop's most popular. Look for this mark everywhere you go.

They also have a 麻辣野菜味噌ラーメン. Numbing spice style with extra vegetables.

And a limited one. Numbing spices with extra cabbage. Isn't cabbage a vegetable?

The spicy miso was excellent. Perfect motorcycle dude food.

But another one of Hokkaido's ramen customs had me leaving quickly. Smoking. Smoking is allowed in almost every restaurant in Hokkaido these days. Dude next to me lit up some unfiltered cigs and I was out.

To the next destination!