Thursday, February 7, 2019

生姜ラーメン みづの (Mizuno in Asahikawa, Hokkaido)

生姜ラーメン みづの

Ramen road trip!

I took my motorcycle up to Hokkaido for a few weeks, something I try and do every summer. While Tokyo is hot and humid, Hokkaido drops a few degrees and gets rid of that pesky humidity. 

These trips are almost always based around my other job, and I happened to be needed in Asahikawa. Not a problem. Asahikawa has some of the best ramen in Japan, and there are a few shops I still wanted to try.

Mizuno is very un-Asahikawa. The local ramen is known for blending tonkotsu and shoyu. This ginger ramen is old school and feels like it should be in some back alley chukasoba joint in Yokohama.

A very good slurp.

This is Hokkaido, and that means you can usually get miso, shio, and shoyu all at the same place. Go for that ginger-spiked shoyu though, that's the one.

The rich and the famous love it.

To be honest, I loved it, but Asahikawa has a few must-hit shops before you venture to the north side of town for this one.