Monday, February 18, 2019

海老麺総本家 地元家 (Jimotoya in Hakodate, Hokkaido)

海老麺総本家 地元家

Hokkaido is known for having three main ramen styles. Sapporo for miso, Asahikawa for shoyu, and Hakodate for shio. I was always confused when it came to Hakodate because by my account there were only a handful of shops serving shio ramen. Not enough to garner that much attention. And then Seiryuken, the best shio ramen spot in town, a shop that changed my mind, closed.

Time to search for more!

Jimotoya does shrimp ramen. Like most Hokkaido shops, variety is key. Shrimp shio, shrimp miso, shrimp shoyu, and shrimp curry ramen are all there.

Shio all the way.

I filmed a short video at all the shops I visited in Hokkaido this time, but the footage is quite boring. Not sure if I will edit them together. FYI, if you enjoy my videos, Patreon is a great way to show your support:

Jimotoya was decent. Probably my favorite slurp in Hakodate now that Seiryuken is closed. The location, however, isn't so convenient.

I recently discovered that there is a much better ferry connecting Honshu with Hokkaido, one that bypasses the southern Hakodate area. This means I probably won't be visiting Hakodate by motorcycle in the future. My search for miso ramen takes precedence over my search for shio ramen. Bu the search will go on.