Thursday, February 21, 2019

函館麺や 一文字 (Ichimonji in Hakodate, Hokkaido)

函館麺や 一文字 函館本店

I was hanging out at the Hakodate Starbucks, located in the beautiful downtown area, working on my next book, when the staff started chatting me up. Our conversation turned to ramen, and they said their favorite was just east of the town center in the Yunokawa onsen district.

Well, I just so happened to be meeting some friends for a night of hot springs and sushi and booze in Yunokawa. Done deal.

And they have gyoza!

Super solid bowl. Just a basic shio ramen, but when you hit a simple bowl with hearty toppings and a great, umami-rich broth, you have a winner.

I went with the torigara, a light chicken-based ramen. Two levels of tonkotsu ramen are also available. こってり系 thick style and a super thick style fortified with pork back fat.

Great chashu, be sure to get a bit extra.

Even though this was my second dinner of the night . . .

Crushed it!