Monday, January 21, 2019

中華蕎麦 にし乃 (Nishino in Hongo)

中華蕎麦 にし乃

The new shops of 2018 have been downright impressive. Hit after hit. Nishino is a hit.

The master at Nishino trained at one of my favorite hidden gems, Koike out on the west side of Tokyo. I say hidden gem, but both of these shops are mentioned in all the ramen ranking lists, so people definitely know.

Chukasoba is on the menu, but the one to order is the 山椒そば. Sanshosoba takes their normal bowl and tops it with an aromatic sansho oil. What is sansho?

The fruit of the Japanese prickly ash, commonly mistaken as Chinese numbing pepper. It is slightly numbing with a lovely floral aroma and bitterness. 

The base flavors are a blend of white soy sauce with a light dashi broth. What can I say besides this is an amazing bowl.

Just make sure you like sansho.

Open since February 2018.