Thursday, January 10, 2019

Clam & Bonito RAIK in Honancho


A new ramen shop in my part of town? It's produced by RAIK, one of my favorite spots? Something about clams and fish? I'm there.

Clam and Bonito RAIK makes their ramen daily with whatever fresh fish and shells they manage to grab at the market. This means the flavors will be drastically different each time you go but tied in neatly with a theme. The posted sign shows that it was crab, oyster, sea bream, and littleneck clams.

All umami-rich fruits of the sea.

They also stock an all-clam version for when the fresh fish runs out.

1000 yen for the special, which seems normal these days.

Another norm is the explanation cards found at the counter. Homemade shellfish paste for the win.

A beautiful, high-end bowl.

Seafood, especially shells, has been a trend for the last few years, and it is nice to see that new shops can still knock it out with their creations.

This is a pescetarian-friendly bowl if you ask for it without the pork and chicken topping.