Monday, December 17, 2018

純手打ち 麺と未来 (Mentomirai in Shimokitazawa)

純手打ち 麺と未来

Mentomirai is a new shop in trendy Shimokitazawa. Are you a fan of this part of town? Personally, you can often find me here on Wednesday evenings for the weekly stand-up show.


And maybe a bowl or two.


From left to right, even though in Japan you go right to left, we have tare, broth, and noodles.

The tare seasoning uses salt high in minerals and a large amount of Kuranomoto (蔵の素), a brand of very high-quality cooking sake as well as Ayugyoshu (鮎魚醤), a fish sauce made from Japanese Ayu. This fish sauce is apparently a secret ingredient at a three-starred restaurant in Paris. One of my ramen friends actually thought it was a bit much flavorwise. For me, spot on.


The soup is a simple, high-quality chicken and Japanese dashi mix. No additives, the umami is all from the ingredients.


If the attention to detail in the soup wasn't enough, the noodles are where this bowl stands out from other shops. Hand-rolled and cut in-house.


They are rough, uneven, and chewy as hell. All in all, this bowl ends up being a rough one. Rough might be the wrong word but in Japan gattsuri (ガッツリ) kind of means tough and rough and full. Usually, this is reserved for heavy, porky styles. In this case, we have a gattsuri shio ramen.


Enjoy! And if you plan on staying in Tokyo and need to rent a pad, check out my friend's spot in Shimokitazawa. Tell him I sent ya.