Monday, December 24, 2018

麺屋大河 (Mentaiga in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture)


Road trip!

Someone somewhere recommended the black miso ramen at this Kanazawa shop

Apart from the regular miso ramen, they serve up this black one made with squid ink and a red one made with a chili and sansho blend.

Oh, and this, their limited bowl. Incredible uni ramen. A bowl of creamy miso soup was blended with uni and topped with uni. This was one serious uni situation. Kanazawa's seafood market is one of the most famous in Japan, and their local sushi shops are coveted among sushi connoisseurs. So, yeah, the local product is legit.

The black miso was excellent, but not as photogenic as the uni, for obvious reasons.

FYI, this shop was ranked #5 in Japan for miso last year. Not bad for a little shop that isn't in Tokyo.

Kanazawa is on everyone's Japan tourism list these days. Apart from the usual suspects (sushi, gardens, the market) in this popular town, keep in mind that there is great ramen as well.