Monday, December 3, 2018

広島流つけ麺 からまる (Karamaru in Okubo)

広島流つけ麺 からまる

Spicy (kinda) Hiroshima-style tsukemen near my home? I'm in!

Hiroshima, home of the Carps, is also home of a regional tsukemen style. A clear chicken broth gets hit with spicy oil and topped with sesame seeds. The noodles come cold, on the side, and topped with plenty of vegetables.

Great style for a hot day. 

You can always choose your spice level, from zero to something in the double digits. Each shop is different. I think Karamaru goes up to 20, with options to go off menu and do it as spicy as you can handle. With a scale like this, I'll usually just ask the staff for a medium-low amount of heat.

You definitely want a bit of kick with those cold noodles and crisp cabbage.

I just noticed the spice is free up to level 100, and if you want to go up to 200, you need to fork over a couple hundred yen. No idea what this arbitrary number means.

The shop had a whole slew of summer dishes. Hiroshima-style soupless tantan noodles, shrimp and salt soupless noodles, and an aburasoba. Spicy, cool dishes are the best for Tokyo's recent years of summer heat waves.