Monday, December 31, 2018

麺屋 福丸 (Fukumaru in Sasazuka Anniversary)

麺屋 福丸

Happy anniversary to one of my favorite shops.

If you check the date you'll see that I am almost exactly six months backlogged over here at Ramen Adventures. I made a rule a few years back to post twice a week. No more and no less. I think it is a healthy balance for both reader and writer, and I will stick with it. Just know, long-time reader, that nothing is current here.

So this one-off anniversary ramen from one of my favorite shops is definitely not available.

Soup: Shamo chicken from Kagoshima and duck from Iwate. That's it.

Toppings: Wagyu from Kagoshima, duck, and two kinds of pork chashu.

Tare: A blend of salt seasonings from Fukumaru and nearby RAIK.

If you are wondering how to get your hands on some limited ramen in Japan, twitter is your friend. Almost every shop runs a lively Twitter account, posting updates to hours, relevant news, and plenty of one-off upcoming bowls. It's all in Japanese though, so good luck.

Anyways, the regular duck ramen here is great.