Thursday, December 6, 2018

牛骨らーめん ぶるず (Bulls Ramen in Kameido)

牛骨らーめん ぶるず

Buruzu would be the Japanese way of writing out Bulls, which is an indication that we are probably dealing with beef ramen.

Bulls was in a recent issue of Weekly Playboy magazine in their list of super rookie shops. Shops that have been open for only a few months. Yes, I still get a free copy of this magazine delivered to my home weekly. No, my personal ramen corner in this magazine is long gone.

Not sure if you can see, but the master had Tha Alkaholiks streaming (incorrectly labeled as The Alkaholiks). What's your favorite album from Tha Liks? Mine is 1995's Coast II Coast.

I digress.

This isn't just beef ramen, it's fancy beef ramen! Notice the side of tomato, basil, katsuo soup.

Tsukemen often comes with "flavor enhancers" like this. Slurp some noodles, then add in oils, spices, or in this case extra tomato flavors.

A little soy, a little red wine, and a lot of vegetables go into this one.

The master has a background in French cuisine, so the fancy fits.

Shoyu and miso ramen as well, but the shop recommends that tsukemen. You can also get a glass of wine (or beer or highball or some kind of Jim Beam apple drink). I refrained, as it was 11:00 am on a weekday, but they friendly old man next to me was getting nice and sloshed. Kanpai!

Bonus! This shop is in Kameido, an underrated part of eastern Tokyo that is famous for gyoza.

You might as well wander around and have a few dumplings.

Just look for the lines. Barring that, 餃子 are the Chinese characters that you want.