Thursday, November 29, 2018

麦の道 すぐれ (Sugure in Aichi Prefecture)

つけ麺らーめん専門店 麦の道 すぐれ

Not sure how I stumbled into this spot, but I'm glad I did!

I had work in the area and just set out to see what I could find.

Ichinomiya is only about 20 minutes from central Nagoya by train, but for someone not from the area, it feels like another Prefecture.

Tsukemen, as well as two kinds of ramen, are on offer. Everything looked excellent, but the 小麦の香り濃厚つけ麺 (wheat-smelling thick tsukemen) looked particularly amazing.

Even the condiments looked great. Fresh yuzu juice and homemade dried fish sansho oil.

The soup bowl gets heated directly over the stove.

Bubbling hot, the smells of pork and dried fish hit you hard.

What a gorgeous bowl!

Look at all these delicious meats!

This is the extra meat option and it was actually a bit much for me in the end.

One of the best non-Tokyo bowls I have had this year. Tsukemen is still such an underrated ramen dish, with a few shops getting all the hype. Once you leave Tokyo, though, there are these gems scattered all over the country.

An autographed chair?

Yes, this is the seat that some famous idol sat at. Creeps from around the country can come and sit here as well. You think I'm joking, but having worked with underaged Japanese idols before, I know the truth. Creeps are sure good at creeping!

Tsukemen with the 250 yen 肉のせ option if you want what I had. And though I didn't sign my seat, go ahead and sit on the far right.