Monday, November 26, 2018

Ramen Wakyu in Bangkok, Thailand


I met up with my friend Ren for a bowl at one of his favorite shops in Bangkok, Wakyu.

It may look, sound, and smell like Bangkok.

But this is Japanese ramen.

The owner here hails from Aichi Prefecture in Japan (that's where Nagoya is). He worked at the popular chain Fujiyama55 before helping them with their global domination. After spending some time at one of their Bangkok branches, he went off and opened his own.

The shop pays homage to Nagoya with their Nagoya Soba bowl. It's interesting that they call it Nagoya Soba, when the name is actually Taiwan Soba. I wrote more about this style when I visited the original Taiwan Soba spot Misen. Anyways, ramen naming has no strict rules, so it's all good!

I went with the standard shoyu. It's a classic bowl, and any expat Japanese dudes living in Bangkok would probably hit this up for a taste of home.

Good call Ren!