Thursday, November 15, 2018

中野のラーメン女子博 (Ramen Girl's Fest in Nakano)


These events seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but they are still fun none-the-less. The Ramen Girl's Fest pops up all over Japan, so when it had a debut in Nakano, just a few minutes from my home, I was in.

When people ask me which one was the best at these outdoor events, I never want to give an answer. If the weather is nice, and you want some ramen with friends, just go and enjoy. You'll get better ramen at the brick and mortar shop, but you might make some new friends at an event.

Spicy tom yum style.

Excellent mazesoba. Pro tip, the mazesoba at these events is usually quality.

Limited edition stickers are a thing at events these days.

People ask me how they can know about upcoming events. The event page over at the ramen database has a list, though it is in 日本語. Check it here:

Keep an eye on the Ramen Girls website for upcoming events. It looks like this festival will be in both Osaka and Kumamoto in 2018. Website here.