Monday, November 5, 2018

なかとら食堂 (Nakatora in Gifu)


Lunch at Yanagiya. What a treat. You can read about this shop here. By the way, I post non-ramen over on my Instagram.

I was with some serious foodies, and we had plans for snow-aged beef that night. With time to kill, we hit up a local shokudo; a casual dining restaurant.

The menu is all over the place. Fried fish, pork cutlets, cheese-stuffed fishcakes, and of course, ramen. Everything on offer is less than 500 yen.

At a few hundred yen, this one is pure cost-performance comfort.

I can't throw heaps of praise at it, but this smoky, local's shop was a perfect spot to spend an hour relaxing.

They even let us park our motorcycles out front.