Thursday, November 22, 2018

Menya Itto in Bangkok, Thailand

Menya Itto

Bangkok, baby!

I was only in town for a few days. Having spent the last week riding offroad motorcycles up in Chiang Mai I needed a few days in a big city to eat good food and drink good drinks. By the way, I made a video in Chiang Mai, but it was one of my worst performing videos of the year. Check it here.

Back in Bangkok, I wanted to try the overseas outlet of Menya Itto. Itto is one of Japan's highest ranked shops and their Shin-Koiwa head shop draws huge lines. This one in downtown Bangkok, not so crowded. Maybe it has to do with their branding as a premium ramen shop in a town where good street food can be had for next to nothing. Truffles and Hokkaido uni. Why not throw some gold on that as well?

I kid, but I often see premium ingredients at ramen shops, especially when I am out of Japan, as a gimmick to get more Instagram photos. I'll stick with the original bowl.

Thank you for the instructions! On a side note, most tsukemen shops in Japan have these instructional sheets as well.

Boom! That's a solid bowl. Tonkotsu gyokai with noodles made in-house and not two or three, but four kinds of meat (notice the chicken meatballs in the soup?).

It looks almost exactly like what they serve in Japan (read my original post here) and tastes great as well. I won't say it is exactly the same, because I don't have the skills to recall exact flavors from one of the many bowls I had in the last few years. I'll just say that it was excellent, and you should hit it up if you are in sweltering Bangkok.