Thursday, October 4, 2018


Homemade Ramen with Mike a.k.a. Ramenlord


It was a happy coincidence that Mike Satinover, aka Ramen Lord, was living in Chicago.

I feel like many readers of Ramen Adventures will know this guy, but if you aren't that big of a ramen nerd, here's the rundown. Mike lived in Sapporo for a while, where he got a taste for great ramen. When he returned to the good old U S of A, nothing really worked for him, so he started cooking at home. He's a calculating guy, and a little obsessive over details. These points are top level traits when it comes to something like ramen, where slight variations can make a huge difference in the end product.

Reddit, aka the front page of the internet, is a big part of Mike's life. He goes by Ramen Lord there. This is where he posts recipes, talks about his experiments, and generally keeps the ramen nerds in line.

Mike started hosting friends at his house on a regular basis, and his little ramen house parties became known. The next step was to do pop up events, and his monthly (or so) ramen events, dubbed Akahoshi, have become a huge hit. FYI, keep an eye on his Instagram page to get the details.

So, when I was in Chicago, I had to meet the guy. I had to try his ramen.

Beautiful, homemade noodles. He had some samples from America's biggest noodle maker Sun Noodle, but these were from his own Italian pasta press.

Prepping the signature miso ramen.

A little something for extra umami.

And here it is. This one was something special. Sure, it could stand on its own in a restaurant, but the fact that he's making it in his apartment's super normal kitchen is amazing.

Want more? I made a video.

(Sorry, I'm not linking a map to Mike's house)