Monday, October 22, 2018

たなつものSHOKUDOU (Tanatsumono Shokudo in Fukushima)


More of a ramen adventure this time around.

Tanatsumono Shokudo is actually a shop that specializes in dry-aged beef. The menu is like an izakaya, with drinks and snacks galore. Their simple tori paitan uses locally raised chicken and a light array of toppings, served separately. The idea is that you gorge yourself on beef and then finish with some ramen carbs.

The only problem was that a single diner couldn't order a single serving of beef. I could either go with a $30 slab of wagyu or nothing. I asked if they would make an exception and they would not, even though the beef is sliced to order.

The ramen was mega light, with only a subtle chicken flavor going on. It probably would have been good after a nice steak, but I'm not going to drop $50 on a meal where the staff was so rigid. I know it is harsh, but I was the only customer there and felt like they didn't really want my business.

This is up in Fukushima City.

By the way, this is Kawatori, a gyoza place that I put in my top 3 ever. Incredible food, hilarious master.

No ramen, but you should eat good food wherever you go in life.

Website here.