Monday, October 29, 2018

ハルピンラーメン本店 (Harupin in Suwa, Nagano)


Harupin is a mini-chain of shops up in Suwa, Nagano. I've been to another branch, but each shop has their own personality.

By the way, March may be perfect motorcycle weather, low 20s with beautiful blue skies, but some of the mountain passes are still closed. This route would normally be 20 minutes of spirited twisties. Instead, we spent three hours looking for a detour. Good times.

Nice prices! Just 650 yen for their signature bowl.

The signature Harupin ramen is heavy on miso and heavy on garlic. It's a rad countryside bowl, and most customers go with extra noodles and extra garlic.

Gyoza loaded with nira, a garlicky spice common in Japan.

They usually have some sort of limited bowl on offer. This time was a meat-loaded Jiro-style. Not for me!

Ok, maybe just a bite or two.Yes, that is about five cloves of garlic on top. Standard.

Harupin is a local shop loved by locals. If you ever find yourself travelling through the Suwa Lake part of Nagano, you should swing by.