Thursday, October 25, 2018

中華そば 吾衛門 (Goemon in Hachioji)

中華そば 吾衛門

Ramen Riders!

Well, I didn't take any bike photos in front of the shop, but this was the first stop on a cross-country motorcycle ride with my friend Igor, who runs Karma Ramen in Vienna, Austria. We were headed west, and Hachioji seemed like a good lunch stop.

普段あまりお店の前でバイクと写真は取らない私ですが、オーストリア(ウィーン)でKarma Ramenを経営している友人Igorとクロスカントリーで西側へ向かっていたのでちょうど八王子がランチには丁度よい所でした。

Goemon opened in Showa 34, aka 1959. It is labeled as a regular chukasoba, but ramen nerds will tell you that this is actually Hachioji-style.

What is Hachioji-style? It is simple.

中華そば 吾衛門は昭和34年創業(1959年)、中華そばとメニューにありますがこれこそラーメンヲタクの間では八王子スタイルと言われています。


Lot's of fresh minced onion as a topping. Other aspects include a deep pork-based soup and heavily seasoned chashu. Oh, and it should be super cheap. This bowl is 500 yen, less than $5.

This bowl is very good, and should be on any ramen nerd's list to check out. Hachioji isn't close to Tokyo, but it isn't too far. Make a day of it and go hiking at nearby Takao-san. Expect a line on any day.