Monday, October 15, 2018

175°DENO担担麺TOKYO in Shinjuku


From Hokkaido to Shinjuku, it's  . . . spicy tantanmen?

Apparently, the founder, Mr. Deno (出野) wanted to create a hybrid of Chengdu Sichuan and Japanese ramen.

Homemade spice mix using peppercorns sourced directly from farmers in China, cashew nuts in place of the standard peanuts, and an eight hour chicken soup are all highlights. The 175 degrees refers to the temperature the spice oil is made at.

Soup (スープあり) or soupless (スープなし) are both available.

A recent trend in the ramen world is Chengdu Sichuan spice. This shop has been a big one in this genre, opening eight shops already.

As it is a Japanese fusion style, don't expect the levels of heat you would normally find with a more traditional tantanmen.

Website here.