Monday, September 17, 2018

潮くろ㐂 (Ushio Kuroki in Akihabara)


Incredible shio ramen, filled with all kinds of seafood.

But before I go further, I have to tell you that this shop is now closed. Kuroki isn't closed, they still operate one of Japan's most revered shio ramen shops, but this particular Friday-only, ocean-inspired ramen is no more.

When I spoke to Kuroki-san, he just said that he will try something new. He also said that he will change his regular shop's recipe drastically. I'm not sure if that was meant to be between myself and him. Don't tell anyone.

So there you go. I apologize that Ramen Adventures has a backlog of around seven months. I've just been crushing too many great bowls and keeping the twice-a-week upload schedule.

The limited bowl here would rotate different shellfish each week.

This time was clam from Northern Japan. Incredible.

To be honest, just go to Kuroki anytime for a great bowl. He always does limited things, and it is always something special The guy is one of Tokyo's biggest ramen masters.