Thursday, September 20, 2018

麺藤田 (Doda in Yamagata)


I was up in Yamagata City for the first time in my Japan life, and knew that a bowl was in order. I've been around Yamagata Prefecture before, just not the main city. Sakata has a famous ramen style (I didn't like it!) that I tried not just once, but twice. They also have famous spicy miso shops in the Prefecture.

Well, the city of Yamagata is known for their cold ramen, especially at Sakeya.

That shop was closed.

Standard tsukemen, open late.

Decent bowls for the late night drinking crowd. If anyone has any advice about this part of Japan, let me know. I found this city dreadfully boring at first glance, but there is usually something awesome in this Japanese minor cities.