Thursday, August 30, 2018

桑ばら (Kuwabara in Ikebukuro)

塩そば専門店 桑ばら

塩そば専門店. That means shio ramen and nothing else. Great!

Actually, the list of choices is quite long. Ramen, cold ramen, soupless ramen, salty fried pork over rice. As always, the upper left button gets you what you want.

This shop is a bit of a shrine to the Yakult Swallows, the Japanese baseball team I am a fan of. Nice! I should have worn my Aikawa jersey (only 10 years old).

Salt ramen with an egg.

The chashu here was excellent. It's thick cut and grilled up before serving. Nice and crispy.

Kuwabara is in a bit of a ramen battle zone. With at least a dozen great shops within a few minutes, they have some stiff competition. What I love about these parts of town is that the best shops of each style rise to the top. Of course, as I wrote that, I realized that another amazing shio ramen is just across the street; Ganko.

Ok, forget what I said.

This one gets a recommendation for sure. If not for the ramen, for the t-shirt situation.

No, shio no, life.