Monday, August 6, 2018

玄屋 (Genya in Kyoto)


Kyoto ramen hunt!

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Genya is in a part of Kyoto, a few stops south of the main station, that most tourists would never visit.

Nice place, though.

I love these old covered shopping arcades.

Genya specializes in sake kasu (酒粕) ramen. Sake kasu is the leftover product of sake fermentation. It's sweet and funky and delicious. Kind of like a funked-up miso.

Matched with green onions and slivers of fried tofu, it has a Kyoto feel to it.

Not sure why, but Kyoto ramen shops are either super traditional, or pushing the envelope. Ramen hunters will always have something to try out here in the ancient capitol of Japan.