Monday, August 20, 2018

ラーメン大栄 (Daiei in Kyoto)


The fine folks at the amazing Anteroom Kyoto boutique hotel suggested this shop, about a minute from their front door.

I highly recommend this hotel if you are on a budget and want somewhere that doesn't feel cheap. And the free bicycle rental is great. Kyoto (not the mountains!) is a wonderful town to visit by bicycle.

This hotel was made in collaboration with Kohei Nawa's nearby studio, called Sandwich. The hotel feature's said artist's work prominently, as well as up and comers in the Japanese art scene.

Actually, he is one of my favorite artists in Japan, and I go out of my way to visit anything he is connected to.

Back to the ramen.

This shop is connected to the very popular Daiichi Asahi, near Kyoto Station.

Old school shoyu ramen.

While the other shop has massive lines of tourists from Japan and abroad, here is a bit more subdued. You might wait for a seat, but probably not.

As for the menu, it is simple. One bowl, with the choice of extra pork and extra local green onion. Although you may be inclined to get extra onions for the photo, be warned that it is truly a mountain of the stuff.

But as you eat, they soften and lend a bit of sweetness to the broth. Quite nice, but still a mountain.

The extra pork is, as expected, another mountain. Go normal, or be prepared for a bit of scolding from the master.