Thursday, July 26, 2018

Soranoiro Factory & Lab. in Asakusabashi

ソラノイロ Factory & Labo

Jiro-style from vegan friendly Soranoiro? What has the world come to?

The Soranoiro group gained fame for their excellent flagship shop's chukasoba as well as their veggiesoba, a bowl of vegetable-rich ramen that can be made with minimal or no meat.

Jiro-style is about as meat as you can get. Intense pork soup covered in rendered pork back fat.

ベジ郎, bejiro, takes the word for veggie and combines it with jiro. Fun! The concept here is unique. You get 400g of food. Customize that how you like; 200g noodles and 200g veggie is the normal choice. I'm trying to limit my carbohydrate intake, so 100g of noodles with 300g of vegetables sounds about perfect.

Plenty of ramen reading available.

But I brought my own! Ramen at Home. Did you buy your copy yet?

Met up with my friend Michael and his daughter for this one.

This bowl is great. I'm not a fan of Jiro in general, but a version with a variety of fresh vegetables really did me over. Usually Jiro is only bean sprouts and a few pieces of leaves. Bejiro has carrots, okra, and more than enough crisp cabbage.

You probably won't crush this one, but you'll definitely enjoy it.

Website here.