Monday, July 23, 2018

麺屋 龍神 (Ryujin in Tokiwadai)

麺屋 龍神

Let's make a YouTube video!

I met up with Sam, a YouTuber in the Japan YouTube scene. This is his neighborhood, and this is his favorite shop. A few weeks later, I had a computer meltdown, and lost all the footage from this day. So don't expect anything of the video sort.

Sorry about that! I even got a couple nice comments from the master.

Let's talk about the ramen. Their namesake (upper left of the ticket machine) is a tonkotsu shoyu blended with sesame paste. The creaminess of the pork soup and the creaminess of the sesame make this one a doubly smooth bowl.

They also carry a shoyu and some limited bowls, but I can't imagine them being better than the sesame version.

On a side note, I met up again with Sam at a later date. We filmed ramen at a conveyor belt sushi shop. On that same day, he put his GoPro on the belt and filmed a video that went viral (almost a million views in a couple days). This also brought some problems with media and what not. Good times in Tokyo!

Check his channel here.