Monday, July 16, 2018

感麺道 (Kanmendo in Takadanobaba)


Kanimiso ramen?

The "miso" in question is another word for the brains. Crustacean brains are amazing, rich in umami, with an almost creamy taste. Growing up in California, I remember my family cooking freshly caught dungeness crab, and throwing away anything that wasn't normal crabmeat. I was young, and consider this a form of culinary abuse.

The ramen here is topped with Shanghai mitten crab and snow crab. Blend that with a simple katsuo-rich soup and you have a unique, only-one style ramen at Kanmendo. Of course, this shop is in Takadanobaba, one of Tokyo's most famous ramen battle zones. So while this one is decent, it's probably a ways down on the local list.