Monday, July 30, 2018

麺昇 神の手 (Kaminote in Koenji)

麺昇 神の手

What the heck is that!

Kaminote opened in May, 2017 and was given the #2 rookie award in the original category. Original is an understatement.

Garlic shrimp ramen.

The restaurant is more of a teppanyaki spot than a ramen shop. Different dishes get fried up on the iron griddle. Yakisoba, okonomiyaki, and things like scallops with garlic. The menu is large, and there are drinks to go with it all.

As for ramen, choose from seven different types.

I had to try the オムラーメン, ramen topped with a Japanese-style omelet and roast beef.

Super interesting, this one gets a recommendation. Don't expect showa-era traditional food here, just something fun and new. The base is a tomato soup, in line with the whole omelet theme.

Yes, they have regular ramen as well.

Website here.