Monday, July 2, 2018

葉山 (Hayama in Shinjuku)


Did you see the amazing documentary Ramen Heads? Probably not, as it is still in very limited release. It follows one chef, but has some fun vignettes about other ramen shops in Tokyo. Hayama, a tiny shop that opened in 2014, makes a brief appearance. 

One guy runs the whole operation. He preps, he cooks, he serves. And he only serves one thing; chukasoba.

Homemade noodles, additive free, and amazing. Instead of using MSG, 煮干 dried sardines give this one a lingering umami. It's the kind of rough, comfort food that ramen nerds in Japan are flocking back to after the recent gourmet trends. Simple is best.

The only menu choices are the amount of noodles, and choices for extra pork, which are usually sold out if you don't arrive early.