Monday, June 4, 2018

うらしま (Urashima in Wakayama)



Wakayama is a vast prefecture, with Wakayama city being just a tiny part. And like any place with a famous ramen style, the gems are often a distance from your hotel.

In the case of Urashima, hop on a local train headed east. Around 30 minutes later, and 15 minute walk along a major roadway, you'll be slurping one of the area's best. Just make sure you come during their short lunch service.

The style is heavy Wakayama tonkotsu shoyu. It is a on the gritty side, something you should come to expect from any bowl in this part of Japan. Open since 1976.


This was part of a trip I took to Wakayama to check out the ramen taxi.

The entire writeup is here:

Huge thanks to My Secret Wakayama for the opportunity.


Wakayama-ken, Kinokawa, Keya 20-7
20 minute walk from Uchita Station

Open 11:00-13:30
Closed Sundays