Thursday, June 7, 2018

しま彰 (Shimasho in Wakayama)

中華そば しま彰


I had a very, very small inkling to check out Tama, the cat. The short story is that in order to save a dying train line, the terminal station promoted a local stray cat to stationmaster. They put a funny hat on him and tourists flocked. They redesigned the train after this feline, and now the train nerds had something to go for. Like I said, my interest was there, but not enough to warrant a trip.

Well, someone recommended Shimasho, a ramen shop along said train line. Shimasho is slightly lighter than the other shops in Wakayama I visited, but not by much. On a scale of one to Seino, I'd give this one a seven on the viscosity scale. Roadtrip worthy, but don't plan an entire vacation around it (save that for Seino).

Oh, and Tama the cat? It was his day off when I went.


This was part of a trip I took to Wakayama to check out the ramen taxi.

The entire writeup is here:

Huge thanks to My Secret Wakayama for the opportunity.


Wakayama-ken, Kinokawa-shi, Kishigawachonagahara 102
8 minute walk from Kanrojimae

Open 11:00-13:20, 18:00-soup runs out
Closed Tuesdays