Monday, June 18, 2018

のじじR (Nojiji R in Sumida-ku)

煮干中華そば のじじR

Video game nerds, I need your help. Does the word nojiji or nojijiR mean anything?

I ask because I stumbled on to this spot one day, and immediately noticed the 8-bit font. On top of that, the ramen is graded from easy to hard, and there are options for 1UPS.

The shop itself is stark white, devoid of any video game memorabilia or collectibles. Just the ramen.

Niboshi ramen. When it comes to a difficulty level, niboshi ramen is the style that is best suited for a challenge. Niboshi, dried baby sardines, are bitter, funky, and amazing.

Nojiji R is conveniently located near the Tokyo Sky Tree, so for a tourist who happens to be in the area, this could be a good choice to try this unique style.

Personally, I love the stuff, but I've noticed that more and more foreigners are simply not fans. Niboshi ramen overseas, even in other Asian countries, has for the most part been a failure.